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Latest Apple Watch models may flicker in always-on mode — fix incoming

Apple Watch Series 9

An internal service memo suggests Apple is aware of a display flickering issue on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, which should be fixed via a future update.

Apple's latest product releases have run into issues with overheating, burn-in, and now there's a report about display flickering. Thankfully, so far, all of these issues have been addressed by operating system updates.

The latest issue affects Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. According to an internal service memo sent to Authorized Service Providers seen by MacRumors, customers have reported flickering displays and complications that turn pink on these new devices.

The problem occurs on all current public versions of watchOS 10, but it isn't known if watchOS 10.1 has a fix. Users affected by the issue are advised to keep their devices updated and, if necessary, turn off the always-on setting.

To turn off the always-on display on Apple Watch, navigate to the Apple Watch app on iPhone or the Settings app on Apple Watch, select Display & Brightness, then Always On.

Apple hasn't publicly addressed the issue nor shared when a fix is expected. The watchOS 10.1 update should arrive around October 24, which may patch the issue.