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Apple gets over 50 applicants for every job, every day, says survey

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Jobs at Apple are among the most highly sought after in the US, with only Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft attracting more applicants.

Apple's Tim Cook has said that the company is "very deliberate on our hiring," as it's mostly avoided the kind of mass layoffs that other technology firms have repeatedly made. It is still recruiting, though, and a new report says that it is consistently attracting among the greatest number of applicants. used LinkedIn's facility to show how many people have applied for a particular job. "Sure, seeing a large number of applicants for a job posted just two days ago can be disheartening," says in a blog post, "but it's a feature that can also paint a clear picture of which companies are the most fiercely competitive to apply to and which are not nearly as popular."

Overall, Big Tech firms are top of the list for job applicants in the US, with Apple attracting an average of 53.7 applications for each job, each day.

However, Netflix tops the charts with an average of 84.87 applicants per day. The next most consistently popular was Amazon on 73.25 applicants daily, and then just ahead of Apple was Microsoft with 57.9 applicants.

Big Tech firms took the top seven places with these plus Meta, Oracle and Tesla. Alphabet and IBM were in 18th and 19th place respectively, and the remainder of the top 20 firms varied across banking and retail.

Average daily applicants per job. (Source:

"Trailing far behind major players Apple (53.74 applicants) and Oracle (49.22 applicants) comes Intel (12.07 applicants), the least competitive Big Tech company to apply for a job," says the report. "The chipmaker firm is reportedly struggling to fill key positions due to a shortage of skilled labor."

The survey concluded that the "restaurant chains Zaxby's and Applebee's rank as the least competitive American companies to apply to, with the average job listing for each receiving 0.01 applicants per day."

LinkedIn is of course not the only route that job applicants take, so this can only be illustrative. However, Apple did lay off 100 of its own recruiters in 2022, meaning there will be fewer cases of workers being head-hunted instead of directly applying.