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iPhone 16 Pro could get thinner, lighter camera lenses that improve optical zoom

iPhone 16 Pro could have molded lenses

A supply chain report suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro could use molded glass lenses to reduce camera bump thickness and weight while increasing magnification distance.

Previous reports have already suggested the iPhone 16 Pro could get the 120 mm Telephoto camera thanks to the rumored larger device size. Molded glass could help with this implementation due to its thinner and lighter nature.

According to a report from Economic Daily News, suppliers are already gearing up for the 2024 iPhone lineup. The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max could utilize molded glass lenses to save space and weight.

Molded lenses also provide greater magnification for their given size, so Apple could choose to keep the 24 mm and 120 mm focal lengths while using much thinner lenses. This would especially help with space saving on the smaller iPhone 16 Pro, which will already be overstuffed with the tetraprism crystal for the longer Telephoto lens.

Since the iPhone 16 Pro will have plenty of space, Apple could take one of two routes. It could reduce the size and weight of the camera bump while maintaining existing focal lengths or choose to extend its 120 mm focal length even more.

Due to the complexity of developing molded lenses, manufacturers are already preparing for the iPhone 16 Pro lineup. Apple dominates supply chain orders, but other manufacturers may also attempt to implement molded lenses as part of a greater trend.