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Regulatory filings show new MacBook Pro, iPad mini are on the way

MacBook Pro

Regulatory filings have seemingly confirmed some of the products on the way during Apple's "Scary Fast" event, including new high-end MacBook Pro models and the iPad mini.

Apple's special event is taking place on Monday, and it seems that it will be focused on the Mac. In regulatory filings surfacing ahead of the event, it seems that rumors about the event may be right for some products.

Apple suppliers submitted filings to a Chinese regulator for batteries, reports MacRumors. The filings covered a variety of products that Apple already sells, but a resubmission in October 2023 may indicate items that will receive an update.

The filings include batteries for the 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Magic Keyboard, and the iPad mini.

It is reported that the filings don't include any changes in capacity for the batteries themselves. While this could mean the devices in question could have the same battery life as previous iterations, any power efficiency changes Apple makes will help improve that duration.

Sunday reports claimed Apple will be introducing three M3 chips during the "Scary Fast" event, including the M3 intended for the 24-inch iMac refresh, and the M3 Pro and M3 Max for the MacBook Pro pair.