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Man's small iPhone order turns into $100,000 iPhone 15 Pro Max mix-up

A man allegedly ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Max models from Apple and was surprised when he received 60 — a mistake totaling about $100,000.

According to TikTok user Giovanni Petruzziello, he had ordered one 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max for himself in September. He then ordered three more 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max phones for his employees.

However, on November 1, when the smartphones finally showed up, he got significantly more than he bargained for. Instead of receiving the four iPhone 15 Pro Max units he ordered, he received 60 — and they were all the one terabyte version.

Petruzziello shared a video, spotted by The Daily Dot, which showed him unboxing three identical cardboard boxes, each filled with 20 iPhone units. The mistake would have cost Apple roughly $96,000 — before taxes.

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"I could probably get in trouble for posting this because they're probably searching for it now," Petruzziello says in the video. "But what do I do?"

Many commenters on the video have suggested that he return the iPhones, noting that Apple is likely aware of the mistake now that the video has gone viral.

Apple announced the iPhone 15 lineup at its annual September Apple Event in 2023. The iPhone 15 Pro line boasts a number of upgrades, including a titanium frame, 5x zoom, and the A17 Pro chip.