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Apple rolls out HomePod software version 17.1.1

Apple has released HomePod software version 17.1.1 with a fix for Siri, which could respond slowly or fail to complete requests.

HomePods run a forked version of tvOS so they are normally updated in tandem. On Tuesday, Apple updated the HomePod software on its own.

According to Apple, HomePod Software version 17.1.1 addresses an issue where Siri could respond slowly or fail to complete requests.

Apple will push updates to HomePod automatically, though you can manually install them by opening the HomePod in the Home app on an iOS or iPadOS device.

In September, Apple updated HomePod to Software version 17.0. The update brought improvements to Siri, new features for phone calls, and new audio enhancements when used in conjunction with an Apple TV.