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Black Friday deal: get 50% off the Lomi Classic tabletop composting machine

The Lomi Classic breaks down food waste

Lomi, known for its home composting products, is hosting an early Black Friday sale for 50% off the Lomi Classic tabletop composter.

The Black Friday offer on the Lomi Classic is quite significant, with a 50% reduction in price. Originally priced at $499.00, it's now available for $249.00, an excellent opportunity for eco-conscious people to turn their food scraps into organic plant food.

Interested buyers should act fast because the deal expires by the end of Wednesday, November 15.

The Lomi Classic is a compact, electric composter that fits seamlessly into a modern kitchen. It's designed to eliminate food waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, meat, dairy, and even approved bioplastics.

The device uses a combination of heat, abrasion, and oxygen to accelerate the composting process, which traditionally takes weeks or months, into just a matter of hours.

Its simple operation minimizes mess, smell, or bugs, and using Lomi can reduce your weekly trash by up to 50%. AppleInsider reviewed the Lomi Classic in 2022, and we found that it's a quiet device that eliminates odors pretty well, although the large size may not be suitable for small spaces.

The process begins when you add your food waste into the Lomi Classic. Once the device is activated, it heats and grinds the waste while sensors inside measure and control the moisture content and temperature.

The controlled environment is vital to speeding up the decomposition process. The airflow system is equipped with a proprietary dual-filter design, making it suitable for indoor use without the typical drawbacks of traditional composting, like smell or fruit flies.

By composting food scraps, the Lomi Classic helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, where organic matter can produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The end product is a nutrient-rich compost that can be used to enrich soil in gardens, potted plants, or lawns, providing a sustainable way to recycle nutrients back into the earth.

The deal only runs through 11:59 PM on November 15, so if you want one for half-off you'd better hurry!

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