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Take a first look at Vision Pro's 3D virtual 'Yosemite Environment'

Vision Pro controls floating in a wintry Yosemite environment

Apple Vision Pros 3D wallpaper has now been shown off by a developer, revealing how the headset can present apps and controls as if floating in a 3D environment like a wintry Yosemite.

Apple Vision Pro is now expected to launch in March, according to the latest rumors, and users will initially see apps as if they are floating in your own room, or whatever space they are in. But just as Mac and iPad can have different wallpapers and desktops, Vision Pro can present your apps immersed in a totally different environment.

"This is the Yosemite Environment on Apple Vision Pro," said @M1Astra on Twitter/X. "A deep winter's embrace stills you in the valley of Yosemite, guarded by massive, granite cliffs and held by the pristine grip of fresh snow."

The video is necessarily a 2D representation of what is an all-encompassing 3D view in Apple Vision Pro. Later in the discussion thread, M1Astra shows a "dark version of Yosemite," plus a longer version that reveals "cloud movement and the sparkle in the snow."

Watching a video in the Yosemite Environment
Watching a video in the Yosemite Environment

A commenter who claims to have used the Yosemite Environment in an Apple Vision Pro, described it as being "really powerful."

"The first time I tried it [I] almost felt the cold!" wrote Piotr Baczynski on Twitter/X.

Most recently, @M1Astra has revealed that a new Persona Environment video has been added to the Vision Pro beta. It shows how to set up the view that other people see of you, the eyes and facial expressions that get shown on the headset's external display.

While this is the first time that a Vision Pro has been shown publicly, people had a limited chance to try out the headset's environments when it was launched. AppleInsider's Andrew O'Hara reported that at that time, there were 14 such environments, which were a mix of specific locations such as Yosemite and Haleakala, or more abstract views like "summer light."