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Bending Spoons lays off entire team behind Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro

The team behind the popular Filmic Pro camera app for iPhone was reportedly laid off by its parent company, bending Spoons, putting the future of the filmmaking tool into question.

Filmic was absorbed by Bending Spoons in September 2022, at a time when the pro videography tool changed its subscription model. Over a year later, the team who worked on the app are now apparently out of the company.

According to PetaPixel, the team was completely gutted by Bending Spoons, effectively ending work on Filmic Pro and Filmic Firstlight. Report sources say the entire team was laid off, including the founder and CEO, Neill Barham.

While the layoffs haven't been publicly disclosed by Bending Spoons, anonymous sources tipped the publication off about the change. The LinkedIn account of Barham offers some evidence, with the CEO saying his time at Filmic ran until November 2023.

At the time of onboarding Filmic into Bending Spoons, it was claimed by the app makers that the change would "accelerate our development cycles, and ultimately build an even stronger, more valuable Filmic experience for our customers in the ever-expanding Creator Community."

Since the acquisition, development of Filmic Pro effectively stalled, with its last major feature update dating back to December 2022, though it did add Apple Log support in October.

Bending Spoons operates multiple apps, including Splice, Remini, 30 Day Fitness, and following an acquisition announcement in November 2022 and the completion in March 2023, Evernote. However, in July, Bending Spoons let go of most of its U.S. and Chile Evernote workforce in favor of moving work on the note-taking app to Europe.