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Beeper Mini promises blue speech bubbles for Android users

Beeper Mini

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Beeper has produced an Android app that is claimed to actually work with Apple's iMessage system, enabling Android users to communicate with Phone users and displaying blue bubbles, not green ones.

Apple's use of blue and green speech bubbles in its Messages app has influenced smartphone-buying decisions in some cases, due to users wanting to avoid having the socially-awkward green text background in text-based conversations with friends. Weeks after one failed attempt to solve the problem, another has seemingly come to light.

Announced on Tuesday, Beeper Mini from Beeper is an Android app that is designed to work with Apple's iMessage platform. The change means an Android device user can now have a conversation with an iPhone user, with the Android device's messages appearing in blue instead of the tell-tale green speech bubble.

Furthermore, the app will allow users to join iPhone-only group chats via their phone number. It will also work with all of the typical Messages features, including the typing status, read receipts, images and video, reactions, voice messaging, and editing and unsending messages.

While Nothing's attempt to do the same thing failed due to it involving a remote server acting as an intermediary, one that was astoundingly insecure, Beeper's method goes the more direct route.

Instead of using a relay, Beeper Mini connects to Apple's servers directly. The communications are also encrypted end-to-end, with keys kept on the user's device, and without Beeper needing to have access to a user's Apple account either.

While using Apple's services, Beeper Mini also incorporates Android's Material Design principles, so it doesn't look out of place on an Android smartphone.

Though Beeper Mini's main feature is all about clean communications between Android and Apple users, it won't be limited to just iMessage. Connectivity with up to 15 chat networks are planned, including WhatsApp and Signal, complete with end-to-end encryption where possible.

Beeper Mini costs $1.99 per month after the initial seven-day trial, and is available from the Google Play Store.