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Apple Podcasts coming to Tesla for premium subscribers


A new leak claims that the next Tesla car software update will include Apple Podcasts for the first time, though it will require drivers to subscribe to Tesla's Premium Connectivity service.

Tesla famously does not support Apple CarPlay, though code in its iOS app suggests it may adopt AirPlay for better audio, and possibly for Apple Music.

According to rumor site Not a Tesla App, however, the electric vehicle will shortly have the ability to play Apple Podcasts. The site says it has an "early look" at what's coming in update 2023.44.25, which it describes as "this year's holiday update," and Apple Podcasts is prominently listed.

Nothing is certain until an update is actually released — and the rumor site cautions that there "may be additional features that require specific hardware that are not shown here yet." But it is confident enough of the information that it includes instructions on how to set up Apple Podcasts in a Tesla car.

"From the Application Launcher," it says, "open the Apple Podcasts app, scan the QR code, and log in with your Apple ID."

One thing to note is that Apple Podcasts will only be available to Tesla's Premium Connectivity owners. That's a $10/month subscription service that provides video and music streaming.

It's not known when Tesla's update 2023.44.25 will officially be released. However, the unofficial Tesla North news site claims that the update has already been released to employees.