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Tesla confirms Apple Podcasts coming in holiday update 'next week'

Testa entertainment system

Tesla has officially announced its annual software update, and as expected, the list of features includes the addition of Apple Podcasts to the cars' entertainment system.

The news of the Apple Podcasts app becoming available to Tesla drivers was previously leaked. However, older leaks reporting that AirPlay support would be coming have yet to turn out to be true.

Now, though, Tesla has confirmed the update and Apple Podcasts with an official announcement on Twitter/X.

It's a significant move because Tesla famously does not support Apple's CarPlay. So this is a key CarPlay app making its appearance in Tesla's entertainment system for the first time.

Tesla says only that the "2023 Holiday Update rolls out next week," but reportedly employees already have it installed. So the lack of a specific date is most likely down to the need to roll it out worldwide to a large number of users.

All users should get this Holiday Update, but that does not mean that all Tesla drivers will get Apple Podcasts, though. To listen to any streaming service, including Apple Podcasts, drivers have to pay Tesla a further $10/month.