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Apple Vision Pro launch expected as soon as January

Apple Vision Pro

As Apple's retail operation prepares for the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro headset, the actual release of "early 2024" could be as soon as January, and rumored to be before March.

Apple has repeatedly stated that its release of the Apple Vision Pro will occur "early" in 2024, though without fixing down an actual date. It is now expected that a release could be more likely to happen in February, rather than starting the year with a January shipment.

In Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman discusses the retail efforts associated with the headset, and the work that will go into selling the headsets to the public.

Gurman says Apple has been "aiming internally to get it out the door by January," referring to the headset. However, he also expects to see a release to "at least occur before March - barring any unforseen snags."

He previously wrote in November that shipments were expected in March.

In his discussion, Gurman says that an initiative to bring select store employees to Apple Park for training will happen in January, with the employees returning home to then teach the rest of their respective stores.

The seminars are being scheduled to start in the middle of January, with each employee getting two days of training, Gurman is told.

With a complex setup process due to customization for each person, Apple is keen to ensure retail employees approach and work with customers in a "carefully orchestrated" way.

Though customers will be able to reserve their headset online, it is believed that they will be pushed towards picking up the headset from retail. Apple Stores will apparently receive equipment soon, all to assemble and box the headset on-site for the customer.