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Beeper Mini is down for 5% of users, but there's a fix

Beeper Mini

The hacky iMessage app for Android called Beeper Mini is down for some users, but it seems reinstalling the app should provide a temporary fix.

Beeper Mini has been experiencing issues for a limited number of users since around 6 p.m. EST. Beeper posted that it's Apple blocking functionality and only affects about 5% of users.

Users experiencing issues can uninstall and then reinstall the app on their Android device for a temporary fix. Beeper says a more permanent fix won't be ready on Wednesday.

Apple never released iMessage for Android — some say it's for lock-in while Apple says it's about user privacy and security. Several third-party clients have emerged over the years to try and bridge iPhone and Android messaging, but all failed until Beeper.

While Beeper Mini is the best attempt yet, Apple is expected to shut it down and prevent it from working again eventually. Developers at Beeper say they are confident their solution can't be blocked, but after Wednesday's issues, it seems Apple is prodding at the implementation.

Beeper had to switch from phone number registration to email after the first shutdown from Apple. Since the system mimics an Apple device, it may be difficult for Apple to squash this implementation.

Beeper Mini is free, for now, while the developers work to ensure the app won't fail again. The original release had a $2 per month subscription attached.