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Apple's legal bid to pause Apple Watch sales & import ban fails

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple requested that the Apple Watch ban be stayed while appeals are underway, but the ITC has denied that motion.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will no longer be sold on Apple's website as of December 21, and a full import ban goes into effect on December 25. Apple still has options to avoid a ban, but time is running out.

Apple put in a motion to stay the Apple Watch import ban until appeals could be processed, but the US International Trade Commission has denied that request. The import ban will occur on December 25 as scheduled unless the White House steps in or customs accepts an alteration from Apple.

It doesn't appear as if the White House is moving quickly to make a call. The US trade official Katherine Tai is "carefully considering all of the factors in the case."

There's a small chance that a last-minute software update could be enough to convince customs to avoid a ban. However, the company suing Apple, Masimo, believes only a hardware change will work.

One final option, a result Apple seems to want to avoid, is settlement. Masimo has stated it is open to discuss settlement, if only Apple would pick up the phone.