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CES preview, Qi2 chargers, AI kitchens, & more on the HomeKit Insider podcast

HomeKit Insider

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On this episode of the HomeKit Insider podcast, your hosts talk about Samsung's AI kitchen, new Qi2 chargers, and preview what they expect to see at CES 2024.

This week, Nomad announced its new wave of Qi2 chargers. The Qi2-enabled stand charger is $10 less than its MagSafe counterpart but otherwise is functionality very similar.

Starling updated its hub, known for adding HomeKit support to Nest devices, to bring improved compatibility with early Nest models. Several Nest cameras can now experience double the resolution and double the frame rate while the maximum number of streaming cameras has been increased.

Finally, ahead of CES, Samsung previewed its AI-enabled kitchen of the future. The updated smart fridge can now use AI to help detect food items and recommend recipes.

After the news, your hosts broke down what they expected to see at CES 2024, including more Qi2 devices, possibly some Matter devices, and more.

We had a few listener questions this week, including whether or not Wiz bulbs will start to show inside of the Hue app and whether or not August will support Home Key.

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