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Prescription lenses for Apple Vision Pro are cheaper than expected

A Zeiss optical insert lens, at least similar to the ones being prepared for Vision Pro (Source: Zeiss)

Apple has announced two lens families for its forthcoming Apple Vision Pro, a Reader option and full Zeiss prescription lenses, both for considerably less than predicted.

Based on Zeiss's work with other companies, it was previously rumored that Apple Vision Pro would have prescription lenses that cost between $300 and $600. Now that Apple has announced a shipping date for Vision Pro, it has also revealed that add-ons for vision improvement will cost either $99, or $149.

"For those with vision correction needs," says Apple, "ZEISS Optical Inserts are available with a prescription or as readers that magnetically attach to Vision Pro, allowing users to take full advantage of the display's incredible sharpness and clarity."

A Reader is similar to the kind of glasses sold as reading glasses, and are not prescription. It's not clear yet whether it will be necessary to specify prescription lenses to be inserted into the Vision Pro at time of order, or whether they can be bought later.

Zeiss itself has only referred to its inserts, and even then not given more detail beyond an image showing an eye-shaped lens that is made for including within the Vision Pro.