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Vision Pro prescription lenses to start at $300, guesses Gurman

With no apparent supply chain information, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that Apple Vision Pro's Zeiss prescription lenses will cost between $300 and $600.

Apple has already revealed that it is in partnership with Zeiss to produce vision-correction lenses for the Vision Pro, specifically for users who wear glasses. Pointing to the very long development of the new device, that partnership was originally reported back in 2017.

However, neither Apple nor Zeiss have yet announced pricing. It's unlikely that a company that sells $400 wheels for the Mac Pro, will make a low-cost Vision Pro accessory.

Seemingly based solely on that reasoning, and perhaps on how Zeiss lenses used to cost up to $200, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman is predicting a price range of at least $300-$600.

Zeiss already produces prescription lenses for use with other VR headsets, and they cost around $70.