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InfinaCore T3 Wireless Charging Station review: affordable multi-device charging with a compact design

InfinaCore T3 review - compact configurations for travel and display.

InfinaCore T3 Wireless Charging Station

4.0 / 5

Apple's introduction of USB-C introduced new options for charging accessories, including InfinaCore's T3, which supports multi-device charging with a travel-friendly design.

Most wireless charging accessories for sale through Apple are stationary solutions with luxurious price tags to match. InfinaCore's T3 breaks from that tradition by offering a portable charging station with charging pads for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at a palatable price.

InfinaCore T3 review - unboxing and initial impressions, and design

The InfinaCore T3 comes in a box that resembles an Apple Watch box, albeit a little wider and with a magnetic closure. Upon opening the box, the T3 sits nestled in a padded cutout with all three charging pads visible.

Unboxing the InfinaCore T3.
InfinaCore T3 review - not so compact packaging.

We felt the added protection in the packaging was a nice touch, especially as more products shipped directly to our homes. Still, it feels a bit overdone, especially since the T3 has a "compact and travel-friendly" tagline. The T3 charger, documentation, and a 30w USB-C cable are included in the box.

The InfinaCore T3 has a rubber-like surface with two bracing links, giving the charger flexibility. It has three charging pads: one MagSafe iPhone pad, one Apple Watch magnetic charger, and an AirPods or second iPhone pad.

The Apple Watch charger swivels to allow users more orientations for their Watches, such as laying flat or tilting for Nightstand Mode. Likewise, the AirPods pad supports headphones or an additional iPhone but lacks the MagSafe capability.

The USB-C port is on the side of the Apple Watch pad and supplies the power to the entire unit. There are also lights on the sides of the other two pads, which light up when devices are charging, and a toggle button is also on the middle Watch pad.

InfinaCore's T3 is lightweight, making it ideal for travel, and the multiple pads make it a solid choice for dual iPhone charging. However, The magnetics are rather weak, including the two tabs on either end of the T3, where the slightest nudge will break their connection.

InfinaCore T3 review - charging outputs and configurations

Folding the T3 into its most compact form is straightforward and allows it to take up much less space. The other configuration is in a triangular stand-like shape, with the MagSafe pad taking center stage.

The T3 with an iPhone on a nightstand.
InfinaCore T3 review - supporting StandBy mode while charging

The two magnetic tabs we mentioned earlier connect to form the stand function of the T3. While we wish the magnetic connections were stronger, it's enough to hold the unit on a table with an iPhone and a Watch.

Additionally, the MagSafe magnet isn't the strongest either, and while adequate for our iPhone 15 Pro, we wonder how the heavier Pro Max would fare. Users unlock the iPhone's new StandBy mode in this configuration, which might be the T3's best feature.

Regardless of configuration, the InfinaCore T3 uses the same USB-C port and supports charging inputs of 20w or greater. Despite the support for higher input, the outputs have caps of 5w for headphones, 15w for MagSafe iPhones, and 5w for Apple Watch.

The 15w is noticeably slower than the 20w we're used to using daily, but as we shift charging to overnight via StandBy, the charging speed is less of an issue. The 5w for the Apple Watch and AirPods is in line with other fast-charging solutions.

Pass-through charging capability is also absent from the T3, meaning iPads will require separate charging.

Of course, using all three charging pads simultaneously will result in slower charging speeds, but with InfinaCore's T3, that dip is much less noticeable than that of other chargers we use. Plus, the LED indicators reveal charge levels on the Watch panel, which controls the side lighting.

InfinaCore T3 review - affordable and capable despite its flaws

Using the InfinaCore T3 is as easy as it comes with only one input port and three pads capable of charging iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods. Folding the T3 into various configurations is straightforward, allowing for a compact travel-size or StandBy viewing stand layout.

An iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro on the T3 charging station.
InfinaCore T3 review - an easy way to charge all your devices.

The design is efficient, and the rubber material is of decent quality. However, the magnet tabs and MagSafe magnets are weak and will disconnect with little force, throwing into doubt the T3's ability to hold heavier phones.

The weaker magnets also made it difficult to move the T3 when in the stand configuration, especially when our iPhone was charging. We frequently had to adjust the tabs and the iPhone's viewing level after moving the T3.

While the InfinaCore T3 supports high-speed charging for AirPods and Apple Watch, it caps out at 15w for iPhone, which is less than other charging methods. Despite the shortcomings, accessing StandBy mode was a standout favorite feature.

Overall, the InfinaCore T3 does what it claims and has a few flaws. It is a solid alternative to other MagSafe chargers, especially with Apple accessories carrying notoriously high price tags.

InfinaCore T3: pros

  • Multiple configurations
  • Charging for Watches, AirPods, and iPhone simultaneously
  • StandBy mode capability

InfinaCore T3: cons

  • Weak magnets
  • No 20w output for iPhone
  • No pass-through charging

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy the InfinaCore T3 Wireless Charging Solution

Readers interested in buying the InfinaCore T3 can find it on sale through the company's website for $49.99 or on Amazon for $39.99.