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Apple releases special edition AirPods Pro to mark China's Year of the Dragon

Special Edition AirPods Pro engraved with the Year of the Dragon

A limited edition AirPods Pro with a Year of the Dragon symbol engraved on the charging case has been released in China and Hong Kong — but not the US.

In late 2023, Apple had the Year of the Dragon symbol engraved on AirTags, which were then given away in Japan. It was a rare free promotion to mark the country's New Year festival.

Now the Year of the Dragon symbol is available engraved on the charging case of special edition AirPods Pro, to mark the Chinese New Year. Unlike Japan and the engraved AirTags, these AirPods Pro are for sale — but they cost the same as the regular, non-engraved AirPods Pro.

There are conditions, though. "The official AirPods Pro Year special is available at Apple Retail Stores and Apple Online Stores," says Apple China's order page (in translation). "Each customer is limited to two pairs."

"If the quantity you order exceeds this limit, your order may be cancelled," it continues. Also should users "need to replace or repair the special version of AirPods Pro," then Apple may provide "the standard model of AirPods Pro for replacement or repair."

MacRumors has spotted that the special edition AirPods are also available in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and others.

US buyers can get AirPods Pro engraved for free, but as yet the available options do not include the Year of the Dragon symbol.