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Apple executives envision doctors wearing Apple Vision Pro while performing surgery

Apple Vision Pro could be used by doctors

An internal video of Apple executives discussing Apple Vision Pro revealed what some interesting uses of the device might be, including health care and education.

Apple Vision Pro has been marketed as a consumer device with 3D movies, Apple Arcade games, and general multitasking. However, executives have higher ambitions for the device based on an internal video shared with employees.

Bloomberg obtained a transcript of the video, which featured Apple executives Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye discussing Apple Vision Pro's development. At one point, they were asked what "cool" ways people could use the product, and Rockwell's reply was ambitious, to say the least.

"Oftentimes, surgeons struggle to look at displays during procedures, where information is spread out," Rockwell said. "Apple Vision Pro could bring all of that together and hopefully improve patient outcomes."

Apple's brief showcase at WWDC 2023 was all we've really seen of the device and its use cases, and nothing mentioned enterprise solutions. Companies could purchase the device for use with specially developed applications, but such use cases haven't been revealed or discussed yet.

Another small tidbit about employee incentives was shared in this report. Normally, employees can get a 50% discount on newly launched products, but Apple Vision Pro is only getting a 25% discount.

Employees also get a $500 credit to use on Apple products each year, which can also be applied to the headset. All in all, an Apple employee could walk away with Apple Vision Pro for $2,100 before taxes.

Apple Vision Pro is up for pre-order on January 19 at 8 a.m. ET. It ships to customers on February 2.