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Apple Vision Pro resale prices on eBay are ridiculous

Apple Vision Pro being resold on eBay at a premium

As ship times continue to slip on Apple Vision Pro, resellers with confirmed early ship dates are heading to eBay to take advantage of impatient buyers.

On Friday, Apple opened preorders for its new spatial computing headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Unsurprisingly, ship times began slipping immediately, meaning many buyers will have to wait months to receive their devices.

As expected, those who managed to snag units with early ship dates have already taken to eBay to list their devices, offering overnight shipping for those who don't want to wait.

Of course, the prices are well over what you'd pay should you order the Vision Pro from Apple directly. Additionally, you can't customize the Vision Pro, making it risky to buy based on someone else's measurements.

If purchased from Apple, you'll have to fork over $3,499 for the base model with 256GB of storage. For 512GB, the price is $3,699, and for a 1TB edition, it's $3,899.

Prices on eBay for each model vary wildly, but currently the 256GB model seems to start at around $4,000. Buyers can expect to pay over $4,500 for the 512GB model. The 1TB model can be found starting at $5,500, though there are significantly fewer models of this capacity available.

The process for preordering Vision Pro is more involved than for any other Apple device. The ordering process requires an iPhone with Face ID, information about prescription glasses and contacts, and, if necessary, a valid, unexpired prescription from a U.S. eye-care professional.