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iPhone 16 Pro again rumored to add 2TB option

Mockup of a possible iPhone 16 Pro

In a near-repeat to previous rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro, a leaker is now claiming that it is the iPhone 16 that may double its maximum storage.

In the last weeks leading up to the launch of the iPhone 15 range, serial leaker "Yeux1122" said that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max would come with up to 2TB of storage. He or she gave no further details, but did claim that the source for the information was an unspecified vendor.

Now the same leaker is doing almost the same thing again, for the iPhone 16 Pro, but with one small difference. "In the Apple iPhone 16 Pro lineup," writes "Yeux1122" in a blog post (in translation), "due to the addition of QLC flash memory, a 2TB super-large storage version will be released for the first time in the series."

Again there is no further detail of the source, but the claim of using QLC flash memory at least fits with previous industry reports. Quad-Level NAND flash memory is cheaper than the Triple-Level Cell NAND storage Apple currently uses.

Plus QLC can store more data in the same physical space than TLC. So it is plausible that Apple will offer iPhone with a larger capacity than the current maximum 1TB, although importantly, QLC is also slower than TLC.

Yeux1122 has a middling track record for accuracy. Friday's report appears to be a "me too"-styled report, after the discussion earlier in the week about the potential use of QLC in the iPhone 15.