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Thread Group stops by, where are HomeKit routers & more CES news on HomeKit Insider

HomeKit Insider Podcast

On this episode, Jonathan Hui and Sujata Neidig join the HomeKit Insider podcast from the Thread Group to break down the latest news and talk about changes to Thread networking.

Despite the avalanche stemming from CES, there was still Apple Home news to share on this week's podcast, including more product announcements.

During the electronics show, we saw a new Find My-enabled travel safe. French company UpFiner is launching a new handheld case to store small items in while you travel that syncs with the Find My app and has an alarm when moved.

Nanoleaf, alongside its products from last week, also is releasing a new set of pendant string lights. The Nanoleaf String lights are Matter compatible and perfect for a deck or patio area.

GE has expanded its lineup of Matter products to now include cabinet lights, filament bulbs, outdoor smart plugs, wall switches, can lights, and more.

Kef is releasing its new LSX II LT speakers. These include AirPlay support and other smart features like USB-C, premium audio, HDMI ARC input, and more.

After the new product releases, we talked about the Find My app. Apple has now increased the limit of Find My devices from 16 to 32.

We also heard that First Alert products will be sticking around, including the beloved Safe & Sound product that combines a smoke detector and an AirPlay speaker.

Finally, we were told on the ground at CES that Apple has opted to discontinue its HomeKit router program and is no longer accepting new models for certification. This may explain why there have been no new and faster routers since the first Wi-Fi 6 ones shipped.

We round out the show with an in-depth discussion with our guests from the Thread Group and what the new changes for Thread mean in 2024.

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