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Initial Apple Vision Pro shipments making moves for February 2 delivery

Apple Vision Pro

Those who pre-ordered the Apple Vision Pro for February 2 home delivery already see activity in their delivery tracking apps.

Apple Vision Pro ships to customers on February 2, with some picking it up in-store and others getting home delivery. Those waiting for their headsets at home can begin tracking their shipments from China.

AppleInsider staff and several social media users are seeing activity in their UPS app for their scheduled Apple Vision Pro delivery. The shipment information is scarce, showing a Shanghai, China origin and a package weight of 10.36 pounds.

The Apple Vision Pro packaging is expected to be rather large since it includes the headset and accessories. The headset weighs at most 1.43 pounds, and the battery weighs less than a pound at 12.45 ounces.

Charging cables, an extra strap, and a cover for the glass add a bit more weight. Of course, the remaining package weight is the packing material and cardboard itself.

Users who get their device delivered at home have a chance to exchange Light Seals or bands if the fit is wrong. Apple Vision Pro and Zeiss optical inserts are both set to arrive on release day — February 2.