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Apple to get TSMC's initial 2nm capacity, says obvious report

M3 is built with the 3nm process

A new rumor suggests that Apple has already queued up for the majority of TSMC's early 2nm production, but it is perhaps the most obvious report to come out of the supply chain yet.

Apple saturated TSMC's 3nm production with its A17 Pro and M3 processor family, so the company no doubt has plans to do it again for the next process. The 2nm generation may not arrive for some time, however, as it's not expected to go into production until 2025.

According to a Digitimes headline flagged for release on January 25, Apple will get TSMC's initial 2nm capacity. Previous rumors suggest this would be for the iPhone 17 Pro lineup due in late 2025.

Sometimes, supply chain rumors are a little too on the nose, like a weatherman predicting warm weather in the summer. We didn't need an official report to know it was true.

We'll hear more about Apple's investment in the 2nm process as we get closer to 2025. For now, M3 still needs to reveal an Ultra tier in the 3nm process.