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Netflix CEO says Apple Vision Pro market is too insignificant to bother with


Apple Vision Pro has been deemed irrelevant to Netflix users according to the company's CEO, but "we'll see where things go."

Netflix is among several high profile apps not available as apps on Apple Vision Pro. Others include YouTube and Spotify.

The Netflix CEO Greg Peters was asked about this decision during an interview held by Stratechery, and his reply was expected. Simply, Apple Vision Pro is too small a market and wouldn't yield a return for the effort.

"We have to be careful about making sure that we're not investing in places that are not really yielding a return, and I would say we'll see where things go with Vision Pro," Peters responded. "Certainly we're always in discussions with Apple to try and figure that out but right now, the device is so subscale that it's not really particularly relevant to most of our members."

Apple could change the calculus for Netflix given some incentive, and the Netflix CEO says that route is possible.

"We've worked together for a long time, we've always had active discussions to how we could help each other out," Peters said about incentives. "Sometimes we find a great space of overlap."

It is estimated that about 180,000 Apple Vision Pro pre-orders were made during the first weekend it was available. That pales in comparison to the millions of smartphones, consoles, and TVs on the market.

Apple's market share will grow and customer demand could push Netflix to creating a dedicated app. Until then, the Netflix app works within the Safari browser on Apple Vision Pro.