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Netflix says use Safari on Apple Vision Pro, because you aren't getting an app

Netflix can only be accessed via a web browser on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro users will have to access Netflix via Safari as the company has no plans to develop an app or offer the iPad app on the platform.

Despite its competitors embracing Apple Vision Pro and other headsets, Netflix is content in taking the wait-and-see approach before committing to the platform.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Netflix has no plans to offer a native visionOS app nor will it allow its iPad app to work on the platform. According to a statement from the company, users can "enjoy Netflix on the web browser on the Vision Pro, similar to how our members can enjoy Netflix on Macs."

A reason isn't provided as to why Netflix won't develop for the emerging platform, but it is likely resource distribution. Rather than devote any of its development team to ensuring compatibility with the platform and deliver a good user experience, it chooses to have no experience whatsoever.

Alternatively, Netflix competitors like Disney+ and Apple TV+ are embracing the platform fully. Disney CEO Bob Iger called Apple Vision Pro a "revolutionary platform" that helps the company achieve its goal to "create truly remarkable experiences."

Netflix is happy continually increasing its prices, withholding functionality from Apple users, and offering the bare minimum in effort on new platforms. It isn't clear if the lack of a Netflix app will affect customers' purchasing decisions.

Apple Vision Pro is available for pre-order on January 19 starting at $3,499. It ships to customers on February 2.