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Apple Vision Pro app pages have started going live

Apple Vision Pro App Store page for Photos

In preparation for Friday's Apple Vision Pro shipments, the company has turned on listings for individual apps for the headset.

There still isn't a good way to search for Apple Vision Pro apps outside of the headset itself. However, individual listings for applications known to be on Apple Vision Pro have pages specific to the platform.

In this example, Apple's Photos application has a discrete page for the headset. Also on that page are the customary screenshots, and update notes for the product.

At present, there is no good way to search for applications that will be on the platform at launch. Apple said earlier on Thursday that there will be more than 600 native apps, meaning designed to run on the hardware and not just the iPad app running on the headset, available at launch.

Some apps coming at launch

The productivity apps highlighted by Apple include major titles, such as the previously-announced Microsoft 365.

  • OmniFocus
  • OmniPlan
  • Fantastical
  • MindNode
  • Box
  • Numerics
  • JigSpace
  • Navi translations

Apple Vision Pro will also launch with a slew of education apps available. They range from astronomy to medicine, and include:

  • solAR
  • Sky Guide and Night Sky
  • NASA's Mars Explorer
  • Insight Heart
  • CellWalk
  • Complete HeartX

Shopping apps are coming to Apple Vision Pro also.

  • J.Crew Virtual Closet
  • Mytheresa: Luxury Experience
  • Zillow Immerse
  • Decathlon
  • Lowe's Style Studio
  • Wayfair Decorify