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Get to know Apple Vision Pro with Apple's new video guides

Apple Vision Pro app icons reflected in a wearer's eyes (Source: Apple)

Apple has released a series of video setup guides for the Apple Vision Pro, plus a new "First Timer" ad.

Following its "Hello" ad and then short teaser for the new Apple Vision Pro, and a guided tour, Apple has now released a series of setup videos for users. There's also a brief new ad showing a man trying out Apple Vision Pro for the first time, while he's completely ignored by a woman in the same room.

At the end of its previous Apple Vision Pro Guided Tour video, Apple did say that it had only been scratching the surface of what there was to say about the product, and to do with it. Now the company has released eight videos that go into further detail:

The videos range from around one minute to around three minutes in length. Each presumes no prior knowledge of how to select apps or settings, and takes a step by step approach to the features.

Including the Guided Tour, this now means there are nine Apple videos detailing the Apple Vision Pro. That compares to before launch day when there was practically nothing to help users understand what they would be getting if they were to spend from $3,499 on the device.