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Meta joins list of companies that disapprove of Apple's DMA response

Meta Quest 3

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Apple's DMA compliance makes it "difficult for anyone" to adopt, including Meta.

The European Union created the Digital Markets Act to combat companies designated as gatekeepers from monopolizing their platforms. Apple's compliance with the DMA will allow third-party app stores, reduce commissions to 17%, and implement a Core Technology Fee of 0.50 Euro per first install of an app after 1 million installs.

According to TechCrunch, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg voiced his thoughts on Apple's compliance with the DMA during an earnings call. He referred to the rules as "onerous" and expects developers to be unable to adopt them.

"I don't think that the Apple thing is going to have any difference for us because I think that the way that they've implemented it, I would be very surprised if any developer chose to go into the alternative app stores that they have," Zuckerberg said on the earnings call. "They've made it so onerous, and I think, so at odds with the intent of what the EU regulation was that I think it's just going to be very difficult for anyone — including ourselves — to really seriously entertain what they're doing there."

Unrelated to this story, but also mentioned as part of Meta's earnings, the company lost $4.65 billion on it's Reality Labs. It is the division responsible for developing the "metaverse" and is in direct competition with Apple's upcoming Apple Vision Pro.

Zuckerberg's complaints echo other tech executives complaining about Apple's implementation. He joins Microsoft, Spotify, and Epic Games in calling out the new rules.

The EU's DMA rules go into effect in March. Apple has iOS 17.4 in beta with its changes in place, ready for the deadline to comply.