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Skip the Apple Vision Pro demo queues, soon you'll be able to book a slot

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has revealed that starting on February 5, 2024, it will be possible to make a reservation to try an Apple Vision Pro in-store.

It's easily the one Apple device that it is essential to try before you buy, not least because of how it must be customized for each user. Apple Watch comes with size options, material choices, and a lot of bands, but even it doesn't need prescription lenses.

As well as the necessity of having the right lenses fitted, the Apple Vision Pro is also at this moment getting more attention than it may ever get again. Consequently, there is demand for in-store demonstrations.

However, each demonstration takes 25 minutes, and they also take up room. Apple Stores have cleared some space for Apple Vision Pro but they still need to sell iPhone, so the result is a bottleneck.

For launch day and across the weekend of February 3, 2024, and February 4, 2024, Apple is operating its demonstrations strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

From Monday, February 5, 2024, though, that changes. It's not clear whether any walk-in customers will be able to get demonstrations, but it has now been revealed that people will be able to make reservations via the Apple website.

If you can't get to an Apple Store, note that on launch day, AppleInsider's Wes Hilliard is in the queue to pick up his Apple Vision Pro at Apple Downtown Nashville. He'll be reporting on his experiences throughout the day, and multiple other AppleInsider staffers will be receiving their pre-ordered headsets too.

After more than a decade of rumors, the Apple Vision Pro is finally available in people's hands — and can be tried out in-store.