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Reports are spreading about a very specific Apple Vision Pro front glass crack

Apple Vision Pro cover glass with a crack. Source: Reddit u/dornbirn

Multiple users on Reddit have shared images of a clean-cut shear in their Apple Vision Pro front glass appearing for reportedly no reason.

Apple Vision Pro is a precisely built product with zero corners and custom parts all around. The front glass is a single sheet cut to act as a lens for the tracking cameras.

Such precise engineering doesn't leave much room for tolerance or error, which may be the cause behind a limited number of reports about cracks in the cover glass. As of this publication, prominent Reddit posts share similar images of sheared glass right at the nose bridge.

Each account claims they left the Apple Vision Pro connected to the battery pack and stored it overnight. Conjecture believes that charging with the soft cover on while in the Travel Case may create a problem with overheating the glass, leading to expansion and a crack at the weakest point.

There doesn't appear to be similar crack reports in Apple Support forums, on X, or anywhere else on the web at the moment.

Apple and AppleCare

The crack appears to be a sudden shear in the nose bridge, which would be the weakest part of the glass mold. Those with the issue speaking to Apple Support have been told to pay the AppleCare deductible of $300 for a repair.

Without AppleCare a cover glass repair would cost $800.

Typically, such a small sample wouldn't warrant a story, but the crack appearing similarly for all accounts makes it a pattern. A small number of devices may have slipped past inspection with a greater potential for cracking, but that's just speculation at this point.

Apple hasn't commented on the situation and likely won't unless a larger pattern is observed. The best course of action is to call Apple Support and ask for the case to be escalated for examination about a potential device defect.

Documenting precisely what you did before the crack appeared and sharing it will only help the case. If the cover glass cracking is a widespread issue or inherent defect, Apple could create a special program to repair it.

AppleInsider has verified that no Genius Bar appointments have been made relating to this kind of break without a reported drop across 24 stores mostly on the east coast of the US. If the issue were more commonplace, it would have blown up across social media after three weeks in the wild, and a number north of 200,000 units sold.

If you have a cracked Apple Vision Pro that you did not drop, please contact AppleInsider through our contact form with a link to an image of the crack and whether you charged with the cover on or in the Travel Case.