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M3 iMac is on Apple's refurbished store, but there is a better deal

Apple's M3 iMac

The 2023 M3 iMac can now be bought for a discount in Apple's refurbished store, but better deals can be found. Here's your best option.

Close to four months after its launch, some stocks of the M3 iMac have now appeared in Apple's discounted refurbished store. That's a typical delay for a new model, and while prices vary depending on configuration, the discount is around $200.

Apple's refurb store consists of devices that have been bought at retail and then returned for some reason. It's possible that they were returned because they were faulty, but if so, Apple has repaired any issues.

More usually, the returns are because an item was tried and simply not wanted. Or was used for YouTube videos and returned immediately thereafter.

In every case, items on sale in Apple's refurb store are in effectively the same condition as a new one does, except they come in a plain white box, and they are sold at a small discount. There is also the issue that it's first-come, first-served, and there is no option to alter the specifications of an iMac on sale there.

Which is partly why it's better to buy a new M3 iMac from a third-party store versus Apple's refurbished store. The chief reason to do that, though, is that typically you will get a better deal, and sometimes significantly so.

In this case, third-party resellers are at present matching Apple's $200 discount, but adding savings on the extended AppleCare warranty too.

Save up to $200 on brand-new iMac M3 models

AppleInsider readers can save triple digits on M3 iMacs in new condition at Apple resellers. The deals, many of which are exclusive, can be found in our 24-inch iMac Price Guide, which we update frequently.

There you can shop coupon savings — with discounts extending to AppleCare as well. At press time, promo code APINSIDER at Adorama knocks up to $200 off the all-in-one desktops in addition to $30 off AppleCare.