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Two new Apple Watch ads highlight real-world life-saving features

Image Credit: Apple

Apple has shared two new videos of true stories where the Apple Watch has saved a wearer's life via heart monitoring and crash detection.

The first ad, published by Apple Australia is "Lexie's Heart." It tells the story of Lexie Northcott, a young woman who began getting low heart rate alerts on her Apple Watch.

In Northcott's case, the Apple Watch was instrumental in uncovering a congenital heart block, allowing doctors to outfit her with a pacemaker and saving her life.

In September 2022, a UK man credited the Apple Watch for saving his life after his heart stopped 138 times in 48 hours.

The second ad, titled "Bruce and the Roo," tells the story of how the Apple Watch called Emergency Services to Bruce Mildenhall's location after he'd been knocked unconscious by a kangaroo while biking. Bruce jokes that he still wears his Apple Watch every time he hops on his bike and still keeps an eye out for a kangaroo with tire marks.

Apple frequently highlights lives saved in commercials and pre-event materials.

In January 2022, an Apple Watch Series 7 ad reminded users it can be used to make a 911 call, in a video playing back calls to emergency services placed via the wearable device.

In February 2022, the Apple Watch alerted authorities when a man fell from his electric bike and sustained a head injury.

The Apple Watch was recently credited in saving a student in Delaware from carbon monoxide poisoning thanks to a last-minute use of Emergency SOS on her Apple Watch.