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iPhone 16 Pro Capture button shown off in new CAD leak

Mockup of the iPhone 16 Pro

A series of renders claimed to be of the iPhone 16 Pro back up questionable claims of a Capture button, but also suggest the existing Action button will be made larger.

Following leaks of the forthcoming iPhone SE 4, and of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, there are now four drawings that purportedly show the iPhone 16 Pro.

Revealed by 91mobiles on Friday, and said to come from unspecified industry sources, the drawings show a slightly larger chassis than on the current iPhone 15 Pro.

The publication says it has separately also been given the dimensions of the phone. It is 149.6mm tall, by 71.4 mm wide, and 8.4mm deep.

If correct, that will make the iPhone 16 Pro 3mm taller than its predecessor, 0.8mm taller, and 0.15mm thicker. With a larger chassis and thinner bezels, Friday's report expects that the screen will be a 6.3-inch one.

Purported leak of the iPhone 16 Pro
Purported leak of the iPhone 16 Pro

The leaked CAD drawings appear to back up previous claims that Apple is adding a Capture button. They also contradict some previous rumors concerning the Action button, and say that it may become slightly larger after all.

Other recent rumors, although debunked, have claimed that the rear cameras will be redesigned into a shape resembling a fidget-spinner, which this leak completely torpedoes. The new CAD leaks back up the expectation that Apple will stick with the current camera layout.

Two side views of the iPhone 16 Pro, according to the leak
Two side views of the iPhone 16 Pro, according to the leak

As ever with renders, they appear authentic, but the provenance of the imagery isn't clear. Typically renders come from the manufacturers of accessories, such as cases, and may be as much based on speculation as on any solid information from Apple.