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Tim Cook says Apple recycling already depends on AI

Tim Cook (Credit: Apple)

Speaking at a Chinese conference on reducing carbon emissions, Tim Cook has revealed that Apple is already using AI to help with its moves to be carbon neutral and specifically around how it recovers and recycles materials.

Cook was in China for the opening of Apple Jing'an in Shanghai, and spent some time speaking with local developers, users and students. He's also now been talking at China's Carbon Neutrality and Global Climate Governance conference,

As spotted by Bloomberg, he has also revealed that far from being behind the industry on the use and development of Artificial Intelligence, AI is already deeply embedded in the company for its own business benefit.

"We would not be able to recover the level of material that we do today for recycling without AI," he said. "I mean, it is already fundamental in our [business] calculations."

"And I think it provides an enormous tool and a toolkit for every company that's wishing to be carbon neutral," he continued, "or to lower their emissions by a substantial amount."

Organised by the China Development Research Foundation, the conference is a wide-ranging one and Cook has already announced there that the Apple Vision Pro will be coming to the country later this year.