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iPhone SE 4 case leak shows Face ID notch

iPhone SE 4 could look like iPhone 14

Photographs of purported cases for the forthcoming iPhone SE 4 have been leaked, and back up rumors that its design will resemble the iPhone 14.

Considering that the iPhone SE has always deliberately been the most inexpensive iPhone, it's presumably not been successful enough that Apple has rushed to update it. The iPhone SE 4 has even been planned,cancelled, re-planned, or at times been only for Apple's own internal testing.

Now as recent rumors point to an early 2025 release, a leaker on Weibo claims to have cases for the model.

Three photos showing different angles of a transparent phone case labeled 'Fix Apple' with a sticker reading 'iPhone SE4'.
Front, side and back views of leaked cases purportedly for the forthcoming iPhone SE 4

The three images show the front, back and one side of the case. That rear case shows a gap for a single camera design, which has been the same for each model of the iPhone SE.

It's the front image that is most significant, though, as it shows a clear cutout section for a Face ID notch. While these images do not include any specified dimensions, that cutout backs up rumors that the chassis will resemble the iPhone 14.

Note that leaker "Baby Sauce" does not have an extensive track record in Apple leaks. Plus case designs can often be a gamble by third-party firms, using leaks and estimates in the hope of being first to market when the phone is released.

It is unusual for case designs to be worked on far in advance of a release, however. It's possible that the on and off again nature of the iPhone SE 4 has played a part, or it is conceivable that the new model will be released sooner than anticipated.

From its first release in 2016, the iPhone SE models have consistently been launched in either March or April.