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Apple spotlights how businesses are adopting the Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Working to promote the Apple Vision Pro as a business tool instead of solely an entertainment one, Apple has highlighted half a dozen firms from Porsche to Microsoft, who have incorporated the headset into their work.

While perhaps most attention that the Apple Vision Pro has received concerns its immersive video for entertainment, Apple has always aimed it equally at businesses. Now Apple wants to press hard on the idea of Apple Vision Pro being a tool that companies need.

"There's tremendous opportunity for businesses to reimagine what's possible using Apple Vision Pro at work," Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise Marketing, said in a statement. "We're thrilled to see the innovative ways organizations are already using Apple Vision Pro, from planning fire response operations to iterating on the most intricate details of an engine design — and this is just the beginning."

Computer monitors displaying financial charts, a pie chart, a U.S. map color-coded by data, and a happy woman holding a coffee cup.
Microsoft 365 apps in Apple Vision Pro

"Combined with enterprise-grade capabilities like mobile device management built into visionOS," continued Prescott, "we believe spatial computing has the potential to revolutionize industries around the world."

Making tools for business

Apple's promotion lists many firms and what they are using the Apple Vision Pro for, but it concentrates on seven. Three of them were already known, such as Porsche with its Race Engineer, NVIDIA's Omniverse Cloud APIs, and also how Microsoft has brought all of its Office apps to the headset.

"Spatial computing has enabled us to rethink how professionals can be productive and work intelligently with the power of AI," Nicole Herskowitz, vice president, Microsoft 365 and Teams said. "With Microsoft 365 and Teams on AppleVision Pro, your office moves with you, allowing users to view apps side by side on an infinite canvas with spatial computing for incredible multitasking and collaboration."

Similarly, long-time Apple partner SAP has created an Apple Vision Pro app that its clients can use to visualize the data that that they are working with day to day.

Interactive 3D data visualization map with colorful bars representing sales volumes of different beverages across stores in a city.
Example of SAP Analytics Cloud on Apple Vision Pro for business

"Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary device, and we are thrilled to leverage the capabilities of spatial computing with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Mobile Start," said Philipp Herzig, chief AI officer, SAP SE. "SAP Analytics Cloud running on Apple Vision Pro will help our customers discover all-new insights from complex data with powerful and intuitive processes that supercharge their business planning."

Applying Apple Vision Pro in business

Where Microsoft makes an Apple Vision Pro app suite for users, Apple has been showing how some firms are producing software for their internal use.

So KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, for instance, is using Apple Vision Pro in its technical maintenance and airline operations. Technicians train on AR models of the latest engine models, and get detailed repair instructions overlaid on what they're seeing.

"Training our employees with spatial computing will lead to fewer costly errors because the most current information they need to do their job is there in front of them as they perform the task," said Bob Tulleken, KLM vice president of Operations Decision Support. "This means we not only get vastly more efficient in our work, but also provide a better work environment for our employees to succeed."

Apple has highlighted a range of different firms in order to show off the claimed versatility of the Apple Vision Pro, while others have looked for specific industries it could help.