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New Jersey Apple Store files to unionize

Apple Short Hills in New Jersey

Apple Short Hills in New Jersey has filed to unionize and is represented by the Communications Workers of America.

Five Apple Stores across the United States have filed to unionize and only two have successfully unionized. It is a tough battle for unionization efforts as Apple has been accused of anti-union tactics and the National Labor Relations Board has previously ruled as such.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple Short Hills in New Jersey has filed to unionize with the Communications Workers of America representing the employees. If a vote to unionize is successful, it will be the third Apple Store to accomplish unionization.

"We strongly believe forming a union is the best way to ensure all Apple workers receive the respect, pay, benefits and working conditions we deserve," John Nagy, a member of the organizing committee for the New Jersey, said in a statement provided by the CWA. "While Apple has responded to organizing by violating workers' rights at stores across the country, we hope Apple's executives will recognize their opportunity to stay on the cutting edge by taking a different approach."

Stores in Atlanta and St. Louis have also filed to unionize, but both locations dropped the vote, claiming intimidation from Apple. Apple Towson in Maryland and Apple Penn Square in Oklahoma City have successfully voted to unionize but have yet to reach a collective bargaining agreement with Apple.

Despite pushback from the NLRB, unionization efforts continue to encounter roadblocks. Apple Short Hills is in for a fight to get the required vote to unionize.