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OpenAI is releasing a ChatGPT app for Mac first, well ahead of Windows

ChatGPT is in the App Store now

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OpenAI is debuting its own app for ChatGPT generative text for macOS users, and it will be released very shortly after the release event is over.

To date, ChatGPT has been available for Mac through third party apps. That is about to change.

In its series of Monday announcements, the company declared that it will release a first-party Mac app on Monday. This will make the service constantly available to macOS users.

A ChatGPT-generated bar graph displaying major Roman Empire building projects by several emperors on a computer screen.
Example of ChatGPT's interface for Mac

The app includes a "Voice Mode" that utilizes the new GPT-4o model's audio features when they are fully deployed.

Paid subscribers can get the macOS app on May 13. It will eventually come to free GPT users in the next few weeks. A Windows version has been promised to arrive at some point in 2024.

The release doesn't appear to be related to a reported deal that is developing between Apple and OpenAI. A report on Friday claimed that a deal between the pair is close — but not yet finished.

Beyond that deal, there has also been considerable discussion about a deal with Google. And, Apple is said to be working on Ajax, an LLM that can cover many different functions that Siri can theoretically perform.

With Ajax, Apple is expected to offer text summarization analyzing whether contacts are involved, and providing more intelligent results to Spotlight.

Beyond generative AI, Apple is also working on summaritive applications. We broke news of a similar technology that is expected to be included system-wide to assist in summarizing voice notes, and other audio sources. This too is expected to be on-device.

Updated May 13 1:43 PM ET - updated with release timing, and the lack of a Windows version.