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Comcast plans cheap Apple TV+, Netflix, Peacock bundle

Comcast's bundle will combine Peacock with Apple TV+ and Netflix

Comcast is preparing to offer consumers a bundle of three streaming services, combining Apple TV+ with Peacock and Netflix in a discounted package.

Cord-cutting has been growing over the years, as consumers ditched cable channel bundles in favor of streaming services. To try and reduce customer churn through cancellations, Comcast will be offering users a selection of streaming services in a single package.

Called the StreamSaver bundle, Variety reports it is an option for broadband, TV, and mobile customers. It will consist of three services, with Peacock combined with Netflix and Apple TV+.

According to Comcast chief Brian Roberts, the three services will be available "at a vastly reduced price to anything available today," but stopped short of offering pricing.

As a guide, the cheapest Peacock Premium package is $5.99 per month, rising to $7.99 in July, with Netflix Basic with Ads priced at $6.99 and Apple TV+ for $9.99. That is a total of 21.97 per month for all three acquired separately.

The deal could be attractive to consumers who already pay for all three packages, or possibly pay for two and is keenly interested in the third.

"This will be a pretty compelling package," Roberts offers, adding the goal is to "add value to consumers" and to "take dollars out" from other competing streaming services.

Exact launch timing is unavailable for the package, but the report says it will arrive later in May.