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Apple plans a thinner and more expensive iPhone 17 for 2025

The 2025 iPhone 17 lineup could feature a thinner model code named D23

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After the release of Apple's thinnest-ever iPad, A thinner iPhone is next, and may be even costlier than the iPhone 17 Pro Max.

The new iPad Pro is officially Apple's thinnest product ever, apart from the cleaning cloth, but now the company is reported turning its attention to reducing the depth of the iPhone. Rather than the oft-rumored thinner bezels, this claim is specifically about making the heft of the iPhone, the chassis, noticeably thinner.

According to The Information, sources have said that the thin iPhone could be released in 2025 as an addition to the iPhone 17 range. Reportedly codenamed D23 internally, it's said to be possibly as significant a redesign as the iPhone X was in 2017.

Where that introduced Face ID, an OLED screen, and a glass back, D23 is expected to chiefly sport a thinner chassis — and a smaller cutout in the display. Apple has previously been rumored to replace the Dynamic Island with a pinhole cutout, perhaps in the iPhone 16 range.

Other changes could be that the rear camera would move from the familiar upper left corner to the top center. The screen may come somewhere between the 6.12-inches of the iPhone and the 6.69-inches of the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

There is no information about how thin the new iPhone could be, but of the current lineup, the thinnest iPhone is currently the iPhone SE (3rd generation) at 0.29 inches. The iPhone 15, for comparison, is 0.31 inches.

If the thin D23 is added to the iPhone 17 range, it's also reported that this will not mean Apple expanding to five models. Instead, the iPhone 16 Plus may be dropped.

Other recent rumors have said that the iPhone 16 Plus will not be dropped, but will continue to have a 6.7-inch screen while the iPhone 16 Pro display will grow to 6.3-inches. The same rumor said that the iPhone 16 Pro Max screen will increase to 6.9 inches.