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Experience Immersive sizzle reel for Apple Vision Pro updated with new scenes, sports

Apple Vision Pro Immersive Experience

Apple has updated the short sizzle reel included in the immersive video section of the Apple Vision Pro Apple TV app to include scenes from American football, basketball, and other content.

Apple Vision Pro has had quite a slow rollout regarding exclusive content and software. As Apple approaches an apparent global launch, the pace of interesting content seems to be increasing.

Late Thursday, Apple updated the Experience Immersive sizzle reel with new content. It had remained unchanged since launch, minus the removal of a basketball scene.

There are a few notable pieces of new content within the sizzle reel, arranged in a different order with new music. It showcases the existing series already released, plus new episodes and sports content.

The now-released parkour episode of "Adventure" is featured throughout, plus a new "Wild" episode that will feature elephants. Scenes from the Super Bowl, which Apple Music sponsored, were also included.

As an American writing this piece, it's easy to say the soccer scenes in the original sizzle and follow-up championship video weren't all that compelling. However, seeing American football and basketball portrayed in such amazing locations felt much more exciting.

While we're likely years away from watching an entire game courtside, the demo is at least very compelling. Hopefully, Apple can increase the speed at which it can record, produce, and then release content to be faster than the 3 to six months it is now.

As AppleInsider shared in the Apple Vision Pro one-month review, it is Apple's job to sell this device, and the most compelling part of it is lacking. Minimal native software, immersive video, and games have been released since launch.

The new sizzle reel is exciting, but it would have been made much better if dates could have been inserted to show when new episodes might arrive. For now, the updated video serves as a useful reminder that more content is coming — eventually.