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Apple may add Respiration Tracking to the Apple Vision Pro Mindfulness app

Apple Vision Pro

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Code referring to "Respiration Tracking" in visionOS suggests that Apple is planning to further develop its Apple Vision Pro Mindfulness immersive meditation experience.

Apple has already filed for patents regarding health sensors in Apple Vision Pro, but as shipping, the headset features a Mindfulness app — and it's this that has the new code in it. As spotted by MacRumors, there is no further information on what precisely the feature will add to Apple Vision Pro.

Breathing has long been a part of the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch. It's possible that the Apple Vision Pro will use its cameras to determine facial movement as the wearer breathes in and out.

There are reportedly at least several references to Respiration Tracking in visionOS, which suggests that Apple believes it is nearly ready for release. While there is no news at all about when, or even whether, this feature will come to the headset, Apple is expected to launch visionOS 2 during its WWDC keynote on June 10, 2024.

Separately, internal retail memos from Apple Stores in France imply that the Apple Vision Pro is shortly to get an international release. It's already confirmed as coming to China before the end of the year.