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All of the iPhone 16 Pro Max measurements have been leaked

A render of the iPhone 16 Pro

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A new leak has exactly detailed the size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max and it could have the thinnest borders on a smartphone.

Apple's September update to the iPhone line is currently anticipated to include a size increase for the iPhone 16 Pro Max to 6.9 inches. That size increase could potentially be aided by a decrease in borders.

According to a Wednesday tweet from serial leaker Ice Universe, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will measure 163.024mm by 77.575mm and 8.26mm thick. The screen size will allegedly be 6.883 inches, which correlates with previous rumors.

Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the new model should be 1mm thicker, 3.1mm taller, and 0.88mm wider. While the iPhone 15 Pro Max weighed approximately 221 grams, the iPhone 16 Pro Max should be slightly heavier, at 225 grams.

However, the leaker adds that there will be an equal-width border on all sides of the display, at 1.153mm. The total bezel including the middle frame will allegedly be 2.146mm.

By comparison, the leaker says the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 1.55mm bezel and a 3.38mm total bezel measurement.

"The iPhone 16 Pro Max will be the world's closest smartphone to a borderless sci-fi form factor," declares the leaker.

The iPhone 16 Pro is also set to be an overall larger device compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. It's allegedly matching the iPhone 15 Pro for thickness at 8.25mm, with a slightly longer 149.6mm and wider 71.45mm frame.

The screen, at 6.3 inches versus 6.1 inches, will also have impossibly thin borders. While the iPhone 15 Pro had 1.71mm thick borders, the iPhone 16 Pro is set to have borders measuring just 1.2mm.

Like the Pro Max, the Pro should also gain a little weight, shifting from 187 grams to 194 grams.

The tweet is a further clarification on another message from the leaker on June 3. At the time, a source apparently told them the iPhone 16 Pro will reduce the bezel size to become the "world's narrowest bezel smart phone."

Among leakers, Ice Universe has a good track record when it comes to displays. In 2020, they said the iPhone 13 would bear a smaller notch.