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Users will be able to send messages via satellite in iOS 18

Messages via Satellite in iOS 18

Apple is bringing more functionality to satellite-based features of the iPhone, with iOS 18 bringing the option to send messages to other users.

The introduction of Emergency SOS via Satellite provided users with a way to get assistance when they're out of cellular and Wi-Fi range. During WWDC 2024, Apple teased an expansion to the concept tht's on the way.

As part of iOS 18 and as the name explains, Messages via Satellite will let users send messages using a satellite. If there's no cellular service and no Internet via Wi-Fi available, Messages will let users instead ping the message from a satellite.

Just like Emergency SOS via Satellite, users will be prompted to point their iPhone at the nearest satellite, in order to send and receive texts. All communications are end-to-end encrypted, complete with support for emoji and Tapbacks.

The feature is part of the iOS 18 update, and therefore is scheduled for the fall. However, Apple hasn't said whether it will be available at that time.

It will, however, only be supported by the iPhone 14 and later models.