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Apple Watch Series 10 to be thinner and have larger screen size

Apple Watch Series 10 could have the same screen size as this Apple Watch Ultra

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the Apple Watch Series 10 is getting tenth-anniversary redesign that will bring it the same screen size as the Apple Watch Ultra.

Rumors of the Apple Watch Series 10 or Apple Watch X being a major redesign have been circulating for years, most recently with a report that it would be thinner. Now Ming-Chi Kuo backs up that claim of a more thin design, but also says that the overall screen size will increase.

Writing in his full blog post, Kuo goes on to say that the Apple Watch Series 10 will increase its sizes from 41mm and 45mm, to 45mm and 49mm. The larger of those two options would make the regular Apple Watch screen be the same size as the Apple Watch Ultraa.

Speaking of which, Kuo now says that there will be a new Apple Watch Ultra 3, despite previously claiming that it was not in development. This time he says that the new model's specifications will be "roughly the same" as the existing one, though.

It's hard to see how Apple would present that as a new model, except that Kuo also says that it's possible there will be a new color. It depends on production yields, but the previously rumored black version may be launched.

Kuo further says that previously reported testing of 3D-printing Apple Watch components has gone well, and "significantly improved the production efficiency" of the process. As well as components, he expects 3D-printing company BLT to ultimately expand to producing Apple Watch cases.

Ming-Chi Kuo has had very good track record with reports about Apple's plans. Lately, he has tended to introduce what he sometimes calls predictions, rather than solely reporting what he's learned from his sources in the supply chain.

In this case, he doesn't say either that it's from the sources or that it's a prediction. However, his detailing of BLT's plans suggests that his report is based on information from sources.