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Siri improved with Apple Intelligence won't roll out until 2025

Siri is gaining a new animation around the edge of iPhone screens

While many Apple Intelligence features will roll out with iOS 18 during the remainder of 2024, its much-awaited revamp of Siri will wait until iOS 18.4 in 2025.

Backing up a previous report that the most significant improvements to Siri will come in 2025, Bloomberg is now being more specific. The major Siri upgrade is reportedly being planned for iOS 18.4.

That release is already being worked on. It's expected to be released as a developer beta in January 2025, and then be publicly issued at some point in the spring.

Before then, there will be a new design to Siri. That will presumably include how Apple has shown that invoking Siri will bring a flare around the edges of the iPhone screen, instead of the current circle icon.

It's expected, too, that ChatGPT integration with Siri will come before the end of 2024. However, features such as the much deeper integration between Siri and iOS apps will be in the iOS 18.4 release.

That means Siri will then gain the ability to better interpret commands, and take multiple steps. So after asking about a sports team, a user can just say "when do they play next?" and then have Siri add that event to their calendar.

In part, this uses app intents. This is the ability of developers to present users with specific features of their apps, to be used directly by Siri.