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Apple Intelligence is inching closer to beta testing

Apple Intelligence in iOS Settings

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No Apple Intelligence features are available for testing, but within Xcode, there are two images showing what its Settings will look like.

The images were found inside the latest developer beta releases. In the macOS Sequoia beta, Xcode includes the ability to preview what an app will look like on an iPhone — and now that simulator includes references to Apple Intelligence.

Specifically, two images have been found by Matthew Rodarmel on Twitter/X. They show where Apple Intelligence options will sit within Settings, and then a little further detail about certain options.

Note how the Apple Intelligence & Siri section of Settings is headed beta. Apple Intelligence is expected to roll out as a beta, even after the official release of iOS 18.

It's also known that Apple Intelligence will be released in stages. Apple said that some features would be available for testing over the summer, but gave no further details.

Xcode is Apple's app development platform, which solely runs on Macs. It includes Xcode Previews, however, through which developers can simulate devices such as the iPhone.